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Powerflushing & magnacleanse, underfloor heating, corrosion
treatment, central heating installation and repairs.

Magnacleanse flush your central heating system

MagnaClean is a magnetic filter designed to maintain and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide & sludge build up. This protection lasts throughout the lifetime of the boiler and helps to reduce central heating energy bills by up to 6%.

Foster Plumbing & Heating Ltd will always recommend a MagnaClean magnetic filter for your pressurised central heating system.

The objective is to catch and remove deposits of iron oxide sludge, rust and any other magnetic debris from the radiators and pipe work and restore a system with circulation problems or boiler noises caused by the murky water and corrosion deposits.

A permanently installed MagnaClean Filter can remove these deposits and the problems that they cause, keeping your boiler and central heating system running at maximum efficiency.

Once you have a Magnetic filter installed on your boilers central heating circuit the system can then have a MagnaCleanse central heating system flush. A MagnaCleanse magnetic flush is a new flushing process designed to clean and protect all domestic central heating systems from the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge build up.

A MagnaCleanse flush delivers an extremely effective solution because it not only removes just as much sludge from the heating system. It also provides ongoing lifetime protection with the installation of a MagnaClean domestic filter.

Depending on the size of your system, the process enables us to carry out a routine MagnaCleanse system flush in a shorter time than power-flushing providing a potentially more productive and affordable flushing solution.

Not only does it flush the system, it provides a more intense deep clean using hot water along with specialist chemicals for ongoing protection for the boiler with the installation of a Magnetic filter. While power flushing can be quite effective, it is a fact that the build up of iron oxide will be an ongoing issue within the system.

Foster plumbing installed a new boiler and also recently changed radiators for me in my home. On both occasions they were reasonably priced and reliable and while working they were tidy and efficient. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends. 
J Thacker, Weldon, Northants

Accredited Worcester Bosch boiler installers

Worcester Accredited installers are recognised domestic and commercial heating companies that meet or exceed the standards of sustained quality of installation, service and customer care. These installers are accessible through the official Worcester Bosch website.

Worcester Bosch ensure our clients receive a high standard of workmanship and professionalism.

Our accredited companies are monitored by several recognised trade and industry bodies.

Powerflushing, underfloor heating, central heating installation and repairs.

Underfloor heating made easy

Foster Plumbing and Heating Ltd install all types of underfloor wet heating systems.

Underfloor heating provides the most comfortable even warmth of any heating system. It is economical to run and virtually maintenance free.

The Speedfit system, which can be supplied and installed by us, has water being pumped from a boiler to a pump pack, where it is mixed to approximately 50°C then distributed via a manifold to heating circuits made using Speedfit Barrier Pipe. The pipe is laid in concrete or suspended just below the surface of the floor.

In concrete floors, the pipe is laid on insulation and then covered with a screed on which can be laid almost any type of floor covering.
 For timber floors, spreader plates are laid between the joists and the floor decking or on the underside of the floor. Speedfit Pipe is pushed into the grooves on the plates.

The floor area is typically warmed to between 25°C and 28°C, providing an even distribution of heat at only slightly higher than room temperature. The system is controlled by one or more thermostats, which signal the Pump Pack when heat is required.

Heating Controls

We supply and install a wide and varied range of Controls manufactured by Worcester Bosch, Honeywell and other leading Smart Control Manufacturers.

From the most basic simple controls, to the latest Smart controls with internet connectivity, there’s an option to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. We can install your new controls as part of a new boiler installation or as an addition to an existing system.


We are able to undertake all types of Gas & Oil Central Heating Installations. This can be combination boiler system or a conventional system with stored hot water.

All heat requirements for each room are calculated using the latest heat loss calculation programme giving you an efficient cost effective heating system. 

We fit a range of radiators including modern compact style, traditional column style, towel rails and decorative type radiators.

We are experienced in fault finding on all types of central heating systems and provide an efficient repair service


As Gas Safe and OFTEC registered engineers we are trained and qualified to service and repair all Worcester Bosch and other brand Gas & Oil Boilers.

We can also service other gas-fire appliances in your home or rented property.


We can manage the installation of an onsite oil supply; including concrete base, tank, fuel line to your appliance and certification. Oil tanks come in various sizes and styles to suit all spaces, these heating oil tanks, also known as domestic oil tanks, are designed to store kerosene central heating oil.

Bunded oil tanks meet and exceed all current oil storage regulations in the UK and Ireland. They are OFCERT certified and manufactured to ISO standards.

They also come complete with oil monitoring and oil tank security features; including an alarm and oil level sensor to provide you with peace of mind that not only is your oil tank secure, but you will be alerted before you run out of oil.


All our new systems and systems that have been drained for maintenance work are treated against corrosion.

Existing systems can be thoroughly cleansed by the selective use of cleaning chemicals and if required or magnacleanse or poweflushing system.

We also install Magnaclean® and with our new boiler installations Worcester Bosch magnetic filters which are installed onto the pipework it captures iron oxide, preventing large deposits forming in the system and can be cleaned as part of your annual service. 


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We can offer powerflushing & magnacleanse, underfloor heating, central heating corrosion treatment, central heating installation and repairs

Foster Plumbing & Heating offer a honest and reliable service from our Gas Safe and OFTEC fully qualified engineers and we are also Worcester Bosch accredited installers.

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Gas Safe Registered

All gas engineers on the Gas Safe Register are legal and qualified to work with gas, only use a Gas Safe Registered engineer.