An excellent and absolutely faultless customer experience

16th January 2020 By admin

When I brought my house I knew the existing boiler was towards the end of it’s expected useful life and of course, it gave up the ghost during the ‘beast from the east’ winter of 2017. Your boiler is an essential part of your house but you, perhaps, don’t appreciate it until after you’ve sat in a cold house and been without a shower. There are a few options these days and you really want to make sure that your getting excellent advice and that the installation is completed properly with no corners cut by an excellent company.

There were so many companies listed to choose from and I had only recently moved into the area. Luckily, a friend had a local contact in the Plumbing and Heating industry and he did not hesitate to recommend Foster Plumbing and Heating.

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I phoned Andy Foster and he quickly made an appointment to visit my home and to look at my existing boiler and how it was set up; he explained my options for my new boiler installation in an extremely clear and easy to understand manner. Not only on the type of and make of the boiler that would be suitable for my lifestyle, house type and the house size but on other issues such as how best to route the condensate pipe, my preferred positioning / location of the new boiler, disposal of the old unit and any extra radiators would be needed for the conservatory or living room; also the options for the thermostat and important warranty / maintenance options post installation. After the visit, Andy quickly gave me clear quotations for all the various options that we had discussed and also provided some excellent brochures too on the different types of boiler options available. I felt under no obligation or pressure at anytime; I found Andy to be really friendly and personable which helps to put your mind at ease before making the big decision to invest in the new boiler installation. On Andy’s advice and my own enquiries and research for further reassurance, I chose a Worcester Bosch Green Star type Combi Boiler. It was the prefect choice for me; I could remove the old header tank and pipe work in the roof void and no longer have to worry about that freezing over or leaking in extreme conditions.

The boiler installation went according to plan and I could not have been happier with the quality of the workmanship and the advice received. The old boiler was taken out and disposed of without any mess at all. I was able to continue working in my living room whilst the works were being completed with only needing to take short tea breaks whilst the essential noisier parts of the installation were completed. The new boiler was installed, electrics fitted and updated, flue installed, mortar tidily re pointed to match the existing, filter installed, condensate pipe installation on the same day. The existing plastic pipework was all upgraded to longer lasting and more durable copper pipework. I was fully prepared and assumed that I would have a large clean up job after the works given that it was such as large task and even have to complete some redecoration but to my pleasant surprise, I needed to do absolutely nothing in that regard at all! The walls, floors / carpets, cupboards were exactly the same pre-works but with a fresh new digital thermostat programmer in the place of the old one and the excellent new Worcester Bosch boiler, tidily concealed in the cupboard in place of the old one!

After the installation was completed, Andy liaised with me and set the boiler up so it was fine tuned for my preferences and lifestyle. He also explained the settings, which were incredibly easy to understand. Andy left all the warranty documentation and the documentation for the boiler. My invoice arrived promptly with all the costs transparently listed and all as agreed in the written quotation received before the installation. The all important Building Regulation compliance Certificate arrived in the post as promised. An important document should you sell you house.

Andy has been out to complete the service each year since it was installed and kept the log book for the boiler up to date. It is essential to always follow the manufacturer recommendation to complete the servicing annually for safely reasons and we also have hard water in Northamptonshire so the filter needs to be serviced. The boiler has been perfect – not a single problem. The water pressure on the shower is ideal – even better than before. The set up has enabled me to control my heating in a very effective and efficient manner which has help me to save money on my heating bills. The house is always a perfect temperature in the winter; never too hot or too cold. Also the Worcester Bosch boiler is energy rated at A so far less damaging to the environment and cheaper to run than older less efficient boilers. The thermostat has a holiday setting which you can use when you go away so you are not wasting money and energy keeping the house heated when you are away. It just gives you so much peace of mind to have such an excellent, reliable and safe boiler installed by such an excellent company.

I had an excellent and absolutely faultless customer experience when replacing my boiler and also with the servicing afterwards.